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How to Download & Install and Start Posting

This is an optional post, but someone asked me how to use wordpress and post, so I decided to put up a post on how to get wordpress going and how to post.

First, go to by either copying and pasting or clicking in this link:  https//  and enter in the things needed on the form that will show up.  Then you can either get a host or simply use your blog.  I will simply use the blog, and you can go to the dashboard with your password and username, and then you’re in your dashboard.  This is the back end of your blog.  you will see a bar on the right that has these things in order from top to bottom:  Dashboard, Store, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Feedback, Appearance, Users, Tools, Settings, and Collapse menu.  The one you will first go to is the Posts button, and it will show a dropdown on the left of the button.  Click on Add New and it will take you to the writing window, and you can copy and paste or simply write from there. That’s your first post!

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ABC-Lesson 39-Youtube Video #1

Today I will introduce you how to set up a YouTube account, and then how to post a video on your channel tomorrow.  First, you will need a gmail account.  If you already have one, skip this part.  To set up a Gmail account/Google account,  go to “gmail sign up” on google. (to go to google on pretty much every browser, simply type “” in the top search bar.)  Then click on “create your google account – sign in” on the second row.  this will take you to a sign in page that will ask you to either create an account, which you will do if you do not have an account.  If you do have an account already, (like me) then sign in at the bottom.  this will take you to the “yes you’ve been approved” page or “you have not been approved” page.  If not, then it will tell you why you haven’t been approved.  the common mistakes are the  “prove your’e not a robot” box, or that the username is already taken.  then go to “” and it should take you straight to the sign in page.  sign in with your account info, and hit the button beneath it.  this will take you to your YouTube page.  this is where you can post videos, comment on your posts, or even edit them.  tomorrow, I will introduce you to the Interface, and tell you how to post your first video.

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Evernote – Abc Lesson 37

Today I’ll get you started with Evernote, and there are some functions that need to be introduced.  First there’s the Taskbar at the top.  the taskbar is the most used thing in the whole setup.  This taskbar will have a button called New Note that allows you to do an new note, an inknote, an audio note, and the webcam note.  it also has the Sync, Activity, Trunk, Share, and the Usage button in the Taskbar.  The Inknote is basically a drawing pad that you use the mouse to draw on.  The Audio note is a note that you talk and it will record.  The Webcam note is basically the same thing except with video (& you need a webcam to do it).  The Sync button will update the online version of your account so that it can use either online or offline.  then there’s the Activity button which tracks your activity on Evernote.  If you click on it, then it will show you your latest activity on Evernote.  The Trunk is a window that pulls up when you click on it, and it will show you things that the creators of Evernote also created, and some of them, like the web clipper, are made to run with Evernote.  The share button does exactly what you think it does- share that specific note on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and LinkedIn, and the Usage button tells you the usage rights.  That’s it!

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How to Download & Install Evernote – ABC Lesson 37

These Download & Install instructions are for a Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.  First, with Firefox, you type in, and it will take you right to the website, where you will see a “Get Evernote – it’s Free!” button at the bottom, and you should click it.  Click on Save File.  It will then be counting down until the download is complete.  Once the download is complete, you see a green arrow in the top right, and when you click on it, it shows a drop-down.  Click on the “evernote” box in the drop-down.  This will begin it installing.  The installing progress should show up in a small window.  If you have Internet Explorer, now’s your turn.  First, type in, and the browser should take you straight to the website.  Again, you will see the “Get Evernote – It’s Free!” button.  Once you click it, there should be a ribbon at the bottom of the screen, and you click “Run” and the browser should start counting down, just like Firefox, and after it finishes downloading, it should open in the background.  The same should happen with Firefox after the double-click on the Evernote box in the drop-down.  Anyone with Internet Explorer can then do what you can do with Firefox.  Once the Evernote window is open, you can then create an account, or sign in if you already have one.  this will take you to the notes window.  If you want to have a Evernote Icon on your desktop,  you go to the start window at the bottom left and type in the search bar, “Evernote” and then drag the Icon at the top to the desktop and drop it, and you should have an Evernote Icon on your desktop.

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Lesson 36: Reading Difficult Books

Assignment: Pick a book to read over the next two months and write down why.

My Notes: answer to the question “why this book?”  The book: Honest Money, Gary North, P.H.D.

  • It’s by Mr. North himself*
  • It’s a good book
  • It has conclusions at the end of the chapters (he said to read the conclusions)
  • It’s a good long book (I like long books)
  • It’s free to download  (here’s the link: )
  • It’s an e-book so I can download and read it on the kindle fire that mom has (if she lets me)
  • It’s very informative in politics


* he does my ABC lessons.

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ABC Lesson 35: Secrets of Reading

Assignment: Go to Spreeder. Make it a favorite. Use it every day for ten minutes. (link to spreeder: )

My notes: Stuff From the Lesson

  • Bad Habits When Reading (not mystery books 🙂 )
  1. Reading for Tests
  2. Reading w/o skimming
  3. Re-reading at a slow pace
  4. Trying to memorize facts
  • Good Habits When Reading (again, not the mystery books)
  1. Preview it
  2. read the conclusion first
  3. Skim first
  4. Speed read
  5. Read faster as you get farther
  6. Pay attention to the logic
  7. Mark important things with a pencil
  8. Review things that you marked
  9. Read reviews
  10. (optional) Record on Evernote
  11. Practice on Spreeder daily