S8 L114 – Constellation Spotting

          My brother and I went outside to get some wood for the fireplace one night, and when we were nearly done, my brother remembered the assignment and got me looking.  He kept finding the “little dipper” in every little star cluster, up until he said he found something that looked like a “tail.”  This got my attention, and I asked him to point it … Continue reading S8 L114 – Constellation Spotting

S8 L10 – My YouTube Progress

         I think that my YouTube banner, icon, and channel all fit what my Value Proposition is, which is offering ideas to kids like me who ant a new way to have fun.  Using better materials, this works for BB and paintball too, so not just the younger kids with foam-shooters can play.  My banner is colorful, even though I can’t put it up yet … Continue reading S8 L10 – My YouTube Progress

S8 L35 – ICS

          Who helps out when the disasters hit?  The ICS, an ever-changing group of people trained to help out, and they do this easily and efficiently because of their smooth command system.  Because of it, they can increase or decrease the amount of people working on the problem without disrupting the mission, or the chain of command, because all the groups have their own managers, … Continue reading S8 L35 – ICS