E7 L120 Review – Authors and Worldviews

                 In the last two years I have read many books by hundreds of different authors, and each of them has their own different worldview.  Each of these authors expresses a worldview through their novels.  The three books for this matching session are Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, Cat of Bubastes by G. A. Henty, and Little Men by … Continue reading E7 L120 Review – Authors and Worldviews

PF W25 Review – Course Improvements

               Throughout this course so far, I have done many things, completed many tasks, and seen many ways to minimize taxed, and budget money, and choose a car.  Throughout the course Mr. Terrell has had some goods, and things that I’m excited for, and some improvements that could be made.  What I liked most about this course so far is that he has some very … Continue reading PF W25 Review – Course Improvements

S6 L127 – Desalinization

          In the last lesson I learned about the process of desalination water from the oceans.   The desalination processes are interesting, and one of the newest ones is extremely interesting.            Desalination is taking salt out of sea- or ground- water.  The process can be split into four main methods; Distillation, Reverse Osmosis, electrodialysis, and the new “water Chip”.  Distillation is evaporating the water three … Continue reading S6 L127 – Desalinization

E7 L115 Review – My Next Chapter of Little Men

Chapter XXII – Plumfield Snow Games             Over the next two months the children became quite bored, as they had tired of their other games.  Mrs. B. often had to invent new things for them to do when they couldn’t figure out what to play.  When she ran out of new plays, which she often did, she set them to work to fill the wood … Continue reading E7 L115 Review – My Next Chapter of Little Men

PF W23 Review – Questions for a College Friend

Question:    While you were in college, how much did you spend in supplies? Answer:  About $300, Mostly in textbooks and pencils Question:    What’s the biggest unexpected financial burden you faced through college? Answer:  Textbooks.  The majority was because of the textbooks I bought and didn’t need, or textbooks I didn’t buy but needed. Question:    If you started college all over again, how do you think … Continue reading PF W23 Review – Questions for a College Friend