H8 L75 – Civil War Generals

The generals of the civil war are all interesting, and they each have a different story.  Many of them have corresponding parts of the story, like the Mexican-American War, and West Point Military academy.  One of the things they do not have in common is their names, which, in order, are Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, William T. Sherman, and Thomas J. Jackson. Ulysses … Continue reading H8 L75 – Civil War Generals

H8 L70 – Civil War

The American Civil War was the bloodiest in U.S. history by a figure of about 20000 more lives lost.  And think about it – all those lives lost were American.  No foreign blood was shed in this war, it was all one country fighting itself.   From the starting battle of Fort Sumter, to the bloody Battle of Antietam, to the Appomattox Court House that ended … Continue reading H8 L70 – Civil War

H8 L65 – Kansas-Nebraska Act & John Brown’s Rebellion

          The two biggest things that influenced the start of the civil war was a compromise about the heated topic of slavery, and then the rebellion of John Brown, a staunch anti-slavery advocate.            The Kansas-Nebraska Act, written by Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas,  allowed for popular sovereignty in the Kansas and Nebraska areas, which was supposed to fix the problem of government intervention in … Continue reading H8 L65 – Kansas-Nebraska Act & John Brown’s Rebellion

H8 L60 – California Gold Rush

         Thousands of people, all individual, coincidentally decided to all go westward, towards the exact same spot… what exactly was their motivation, their drive to leave the family to charge westwards?       The answer to that question is greed… and gold.            The California Gold rush was a result of the Mexican-American War, as the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ceded New Mexico, California, Nevada, Arizona, … Continue reading H8 L60 – California Gold Rush

H8 L55 – Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams

Around the 1800s, two men were fighting over the presidency: Andrew Jackson versus John Quincy Adams.  Both had their ups and downs, and they were completely different in many ways. John Quincy Adams was the first of the two to win the presidency, even though they ran at the same times.  Born in Braintree, MA to John and Abigail Adams in 1767.  He traveled with … Continue reading H8 L55 – Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams

H8 L50 – Inventions of the 1800s

   There were many new inventions in the 1800s, including the steam hammer, the steam engine, steam boat, the battery, the arc lamp, electromagnet, and many, many more.     Each of these things contributed to the store of knowledge that the country already had, but only a few fit the two main requirements of the industrial Revolution;  one, it had to be steam powered, and … Continue reading H8 L50 – Inventions of the 1800s