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I am Danger S, and RPC student, and a brother.  Welcome to my blog, I hope you like my posts below! I also sell wood, here’s the prices: $10 per stack of wood (21 pieces) $100 per full cord (4′ ⋅ 4′ ⋅ 8′ of wood dumped in your driveway) +$25 if you want it stacked […]

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H8 L75 – Civil War Generals

The generals of the civil war are all interesting, and they each have a different story.  Many of them have corresponding parts of the story, like the Mexican-American War, and West Point Military academy.  One of the things they do not have in common is their names, which, in order, are Ulysses S. Grant, Robert […]

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S8 L114 – Constellation Spotting

          My brother and I went outside to get some wood for the fireplace one night, and when we were nearly done, my brother remembered the assignment and got me looking.  He kept finding the “little dipper” in every little star cluster, up until he said he found something that looked like a “tail.”  This […]

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E8 L75 – The Civil War

Wars are interesting topics.  They are a great base for storytelling, they solve arguments long past, and the real stories from those wars are quite entertaining.  Sometimes it’s not just the battles that are interesting, though… sometimes it’s the generals, too.  The many battles and generals involved in theAmerican Civil War are easily sorted out. […]

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H8 L70 – Civil War

The American Civil War was the bloodiest in U.S. history by a figure of about 20000 more lives lost.  And think about it – all those lives lost were American.  No foreign blood was shed in this war, it was all one country fighting itself.   From the starting battle of Fort Sumter, to the bloody […]

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E8 L70 – Monarch Butterfly

Probably the most iconic butterfly on the planet, the Monarch Butterfly is an interesting subject, as it progresses from a little bitty inchworm to the beautiful yet robust little creature we call a butterfly. It all starts with the hatching of the egg. The little green caterpillar that inches its way around on the leaf […]

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