PF L130 Review – College majors

If I chose College, I would have to choose which majors I would get, and the three I would choose are Engineering, Chemistry, or Math.  All three are very versatile and can give me more options for employment out in the field. The first major I decided upon was Engineering.  Engineering can be used in […]

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PF W22 – After High School

          When I finish High school, I choose to CLEP out of the first two years of college and get straight to the Junior year at an online college, simply to get a job as cyber security.           Once I get to that, I think college would be the best option for me because it […]

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PF W21 – Cars: Old vs. New

               For the past week, I have been learning about cars: buying, selling, replacing parts, costs, and the differences between hybrids and non-hybrids.  One of the larger topics he talked about was buying: the difference between buying an old car or a new one.                 Old cars are cheaper but more likely to break down […]

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