ABC Lesson 35: Secrets of Reading

Assignment: Go to Spreeder. Make it a favorite. Use it every day for ten minutes. (link to spreeder: )

My notes: Stuff From the Lesson

  • Bad Habits When Reading (not mystery books 🙂 )
  1. Reading for Tests
  2. Reading w/o skimming
  3. Re-reading at a slow pace
  4. Trying to memorize facts
  • Good Habits When Reading (again, not the mystery books)
  1. Preview it
  2. read the conclusion first
  3. Skim first
  4. Speed read
  5. Read faster as you get farther
  6. Pay attention to the logic
  7. Mark important things with a pencil
  8. Review things that you marked
  9. Read reviews
  10. (optional) Record on Evernote
  11. Practice on Spreeder daily

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