PF W8 – Budget Worksheet

This is the worksheet that I used to budget for this year. The very top is my weekly income, and the bottom is my yearly expenses on the income.  I can use this to keep track of how much I spend and how I spend it.  The above is last year’s records.


S6 L36 – My New Aloe, Charlie

I just got a new aloe vera plant for science, and I have officially named it “Charlie”, for no reason at all.  I just wanted to name it instead of just calling it “my new aloe.”  It’s really small and I had to plant it in a really huge pot, which I was kind of skeptic about until I read about how fast these things grow on  and saw that you need a pot a lot larger than what it looks like it’s supposed to have.  That’s why the pot to plant ratio is huge.  The plant reminds me of a funny joke in a book – It said, “Our aloe plant dreams of becoming an octopus.” and it showed an aloe plant.  It had eight stems, and for some reason ours has the same number, eight.

So when I got it, it was quite root bound and squished, and so we bought it and then today put it in a huge pot full of dirt, sand, and worm poop, and the occasional (baby) worm.  The aloe was planted in this and then set in the middle of our table in the dining room as a regenerative med kit for burns.  Apparently they help with the itching for mosquito bites too.  Well, anyways, we did that and then we watered it with a very small cup in partial shade.

S6 L15 – Google Earth and TopoView Maps

For today’s lesson I was supposed to go to google earth and inlay the GEOPDF and .kmz map I downloaded yesterday, but I can’t really do this because of four reasons:

  1. ) I can’t use Chrome, so I can’t go to Google Earth
  2. ) My computer can’t read .kmz files so it doesn’t save them
  3. ) I need to watch a video on how to inlay maps on Earth but Youtube’s blocked so I can’t watch the vid
  4. )  I can’t find the GEOPDF file I downloaded

So I really can’t do today’s project, but I can show what I was supposed to do:

“Using the maps, answer these questions:

  1. What is the map quadrangle called? (top right margin of map)
  2. What is the contour internal on the map? (bottom margin)
  3. Can you find the elevation of your neighborhood?
  4. Look at the surrounding contours, what is the topography like around your area?”

So that’s really all for today.

E7 L15 – Ash and Survival

The event at the Yellowstone super volcano erupted into my life, literally.  It changed everything I ever thought I knew.

It all started two weeks ago, a beautiful summer day in June at Liaden Orchard, with nothing at all to warn us of the upcoming devastating, life-taking disaster.  Being 17, my younger brother, Bob, at 16, and my girlfriend Kaydence the same age as me, we were just the right age to make it.  The first thing I noticed was that the cats and dog were going crazy. The cats were hiding in corners and under chairs with tails bushed at nothing, and the dogs were wildly barking.  Then came the earthquake.  The ground started rumbling, and the ground cracked in areas.  As the earthquake got stronger, the ash smell wafted in.  We got the cats and dog in quickly, because that smell was the smell of death.  Then came the ash cloud.  It became visible on the edge of the horizon, slowly crawling across the sky. It blotted out the sun in what felt like an eclipse.

The ash has been in the sky since that day. The ash has made some new weather patterns, like ash tornadoes, acid rain, and ashwalls.  Ash tornadoes are very dangerous; we have to go underground in a bunker when one happens.  Acid rain is simply acid falling from the sky, caused by the ash and evaporation mixing.  When the water condenses, it comes back down as acid.  That’s also what’s melting the roof of the house above us and eroding the ground little by little.  However, we’re safe from that and ashwalls down here in the bunker.  An ashwall is basically a cooled slowed pyroclastic flow.  It’s still pretty fast, though, and it’s a wall of ash picked up off the ground being swept along at approximately 50 miles per hour.  I think we could harness the wind with a windmill and light some heat bulbs for the gardens.

“Hey Bob, Where’s the water? I’m pretty thirsty.” Said Kaydence, my girlfriend.

“It’s in here, Kaydence,” said Bob, my younger brother.

“Darn it. I lost my kit…Hey Jake, can you help me find it?”

“Sorry, I’m writing a paper on what it’s like right now, No,” I said.

“Whaddaya mean, you lost your kit, Bob?  You’re a whole lot more susceptible!”

“I probably left it under my bed, Kaydence.  I’ll keep looking.”

“You’re gonna be one unlucky little rascal if you lost anything in that kit!”

“I know, Kaydence.”

Each kit includes a set of sand goggles, a gas mask, some petroleum jelly, a watch, some cloths, and a med kit.


The ground started rattling, and the wall raced towards us through a glass-covered peephole.

“Don’t forget the kits!  Bob, get that kit on right now, and shut the door!  Alright, you all know the procedure, let’s get in the storage room,” I yelled.

Now that we’re in this dark room, I wish there was a peephole in here too.  Tomorrow morning should be better, I thought.

Light! There is a sliver of light on the horizon!  It’s morning, and I think the ash is finally clearing up!  Woo-hoo!!!!!!  This long hardship made Bob more reclusive because of pressure, and Kaydence and I more attached through experience.  I think we are now one of the few who were strong enough to make it, and I think this moral and physical strength will pay off later.

PF W2 Review – Duel of the Calendars

Google Calendar VS. Windows Calendar


Today’s great entertainment is a competition between the incredible Google Calendar and the spectacular Windows Calendar App!  Before we start, here’s some good info to know about both. 

Both calendars auto add holidays, and you can turn this off.  Also, both can share your calendar with others, though it’s harder on the Calendar app.  However, it is easy to change the theme, background, and color schemes on both, and both take one scroll and scroll forward by 1 month.

The first contestant, Google Calendar, is an easy-to-use online calendar. It saves and, unless you want to change it, keeps it as it was set and never changes it.  It also has lines between date blocks, and an agenda form of calendar.  It also has a very useful density button.  This allows for multi-window working.  And, Finally, it updates when others add stuff on their calendars if they’re sharing with you.

The absolute opposite of Google Calendar, Windows calendar is hard to use, and randomly changes times of events.  Along with this, it has no divides between day blocks, so it gets very confusing.  It also does’nt allow for multi-window work, as it has no density controller, and you have to refresh to add others’ changes to their calendars.  The only up about this app is that you don’t have to be online for it to work.

As the obvious winner of the Duel of the Calendars, Google calendar is the program on which I will complete next week’s work – making a schedule.

 PS. if any of you out there have both of these, or one, I would like you to let me know if you agree with me or not Here.  If you do disagree, please tell me why.


Signing out,

-Danger S.

H6 W22 – The life of a Roman king


History week 22 Review – The life of a Roman king

2,788 years ago[1], in 771 BC, two boys named Romulus and Remus were born.   They were young when their uncle tossed them into a river, they landed in the basket, were found by the wolf, were brought up by the wolf, found by Numitor, went off, Remus died, and Romulus became the first king of Rome. Next the Sabine women story happened.[2]    Then Romulus founded the Senate, a group of 100 men that basically acted as an all-around jury.  Then he organized the army, in this way:

  • Legion – led by Legionnaire
    • Cohort- led by Primus pilus
      • Maniple- led by Primus pilus
        • Century – led by Centurion
          • Auxiliary

As king, Romulus used war and trickery to gain more land, like when he married the a daughter of an Etruscan king and then took over that king’s land after a while.  He also did this with Babylon, and other large empires at the time, and so the Roman Empire became massive.   This trickster was quite a king.

[1] From the time this was posted

[2] It’s all Here. Have a peek!