H8 L45 – War of 1812

200 years ago, what some say is the second half of the Revolutionary War started, known as the War of 1812.  This war, which would decide America’s part in foreign influence.  Started by the searching of American ships in foreign ports for no reason at all, this war basically outlined the trade, shipping, and foreign […]

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H7 W21 Review – The Travels of John Cabot and Jacques Cartier

            One Italian, one Frenchman, both influential explorers, men named John Cabot and Jacques Cartier (pronounced shock·wes car·tee·eh) each of them started a colony, both of which, though failing from new difficulties, proved the fact that the Americas could be settled in.           John Cabot, the first explorer, was the Italian who sailed to […]

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PF W25 Review – Course Improvements

               Throughout this course so far, I have done many things, completed many tasks, and seen many ways to minimize taxed, and budget money, and choose a car.  Throughout the course Mr. Terrell has had some goods, and things that I’m excited for, and some improvements that could be made.  What I liked most about […]

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