S6 L100 Project- Making Beezwax Candles

In lesson 100 I will make beeswax candles using only a few inches of string, a bunch of wax, and some essential oils for scent!  I will take the beeswax and melt it in a pot.  once its melted I will por in the essential oils for the smell, take it off the heat, and pour it into a jar with the piece of string … Continue reading S6 L100 Project- Making Beezwax Candles

S6 L95 Project – Strawberries!

For lesson 95 I will grow strawberries in a planter that I’m going to build!  I’ll utilize the already-built planter that our family used a long time ago, I’ll refill it with dirt and plant the strawberries and water them once every two days!  Then in the middle of summer, I’ll be rewarded for all this work with some large, juicy strawberries! Continue reading S6 L95 Project – Strawberries!

S6 L66 – Field Botany Project

In the first half of my field botany project I spent 30-45 minutes in my back yard observing plants and making notes.  I found the common and botanical names of three of the plants using an identification book or an online source.  I will sketch an overhead view of my backyard and indicate where I found the three plants, shown at the bottom.   I answered … Continue reading S6 L66 – Field Botany Project

S6 L56 – Seed Germination Project

In this lesson I got to take out ten seeds of five different plants and put them in wet paper towels to test germination.  I used Romaine Lettuce, Jalapeno peppers, Beets, some yolo peppers, and a few radishes.  in about a week I’ll hop in and produce the results of each test.  The point of the test is to find out the germination rate, from … Continue reading S6 L56 – Seed Germination Project

S6 L49 – Chocolate (syrup)

In the lesson a while ago, I was supposed to make chocolate – and I didn’t.  And now, once I passed it, I made it – and screwed it up.  Here’s the ingredients to follow along: 2 cups (220g) cocoa powder 3/4 cup (170g) butter, softened at room temperature 1/2 cup (100g) sugar 2/3 cup (150ml) milk, room temperature 1/4 cup (30g) powdered sugar 1 … Continue reading S6 L49 – Chocolate (syrup)

S6 L20 Review – Cocoa Diseases & Pests

Diseases Vascular-streak dieback (VSD) caused by the fungus known as Oncobasidium theobroma distinguished in the 1960s caused heavy losses of trees in mature plantations chlorosis of one leaf on the second or third flush behind the tip restrict transport Witches´ Broom   attacks only actively growing tissue sensitive to light and drying   Moniliophthora perniciosa disease in the region of Bahia caused a decrease in … Continue reading S6 L20 Review – Cocoa Diseases & Pests