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B1 L125 – Nothing beats this amazing curriculum!

Do you spend hours forcing the kids to do school? Is your kid bullied in public school? Id he bored of his current curriculum? Does a non-common-core curriculum interest you or your kid? If the answer to any of the above is “Yes,” the Ron Paul Curriculum is here to save you time, effort, and possibly even money!  It’s a common-core free curriculum, with NO TEXTBOOKS OR MP3s! Instead, it employs a UNIQUE METHOD — Video lessons. The advantages: Teachers can’t rewind, Textbooks are boring as nothing else on earth, and MP3s are challenging to focus on. Videos take the pros from all three: audio for disabled readers, text for read-learners, and rewindability for both. Also, the courses are pay-by-course, and there’s a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That way, if the kid thinks it’s too easy, he can swap to a more challenging course AT NO EXTRA COST. Plus, that $500 decreases per kid with more kids in the family. As a bonus, the Ron Paul Curriculum has some other unique features, such as Government I & II, Business I & II, Western Civilization & Literature, and a Public Speaking course.  The Western studies parallel each other for higher retention, and the other classes can be turned into life skills, such as the ability to speak in public, start a home business, and tell what’s what in politics. Plus, there are forums for each class if a kid’s stuck, and a discussion forum for everything else. The teachers aren’t always available, but the students help each other out if they can. And bullies can get kicked off the forums, kicked off the curriculum, or even blocked from rebuying, so no worries there. And to paraphrase Ron Popeil, “But Wait, there’s a LOT more!” If all that isn’t enough, check out more reasons from a student’s point of view here. AND TO ORDER NOW, CLICK -> HERE <-!


I'm 10, in the Ron Paul curriculum, and working on my blog,!

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