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PF W16 – Viable Business Option

In the past few weeks, I have been studying up on viable business ideas. One of the possibilities is a rabbitry business. Though the initial startup cost is extremely high at >$950, and the rate of return is low for the meat alone, I have a plan to make up the equipment debt fast. First, apparently medical institutions will pay $15,000 or more (yes, you read that right; fifteen thousand dollars or more) for one gallon of sterile rabbit blood, which I will create during the slaughtering process. This does entail getting some certified clean equipment, but I think the first attempt at the blood sales will pay it off. The rabbit waste like poop and pee I can sell to fertilizer companies for some good money. At the end of the first season, if I do in fact sell the blood and pee, that’s over $15,100 not counting the actual meat, some of which I can make into sausage, which will probably sell well since almost everybody likes sausage.
Over time, this could probably create good money for the family, and the result is the customer’s better off, the seller’s better off, and everybody wins. Here’s a very simple plan for what I’ll produce and the startup costs. The plan is:
Buy the rabbits, Raise the rabbits, slaughter/ sell live, package/ breed selected rabbits, sell packaged meat, Raise the rabbits, and so forth.

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S6 L100 Project- Making Beezwax Candles

In lesson 100 I will make beeswax candles using only a few inches of string, a bunch of wax, and some essential oils for scent!  I will take the beeswax and melt it in a pot.  once its melted I will por in the essential oils for the smell, take it off the heat, and pour it into a jar with the piece of string tied to a pencil sitting on top of a jar.  once its all in the jar and it has hardened, it is a good idea to trim the wick to about an inch above the level of the wax.  after this,  light the candle and enjoy the scent.

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S6 L95 Project – Strawberries!

For lesson 95 I will grow strawberries in a planter that I’m going to build!  I’ll utilize the already-built planter that our family used a long time ago, I’ll refill it with dirt and plant the strawberries and water them once every two days!  Then in the middle of summer, I’ll be rewarded for all this work with some large, juicy strawberries!

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For the past few days, we’ve been dealing with a bomb cyclone, an atmospheric weather condition making it ~30 degrees for a while, and this is the result: