E8 L55 – With Clive in India

    All  GA Henty books are great, and With Clive in India is no exception.  This awesome book is action packed and is a perfect read for adventure-loving kids like me.  It is a slightly longer book, but nonetheless it is just as good as a movie.     The book starts off slow, but quickly […]

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E8 L150 – Blogging

         Blogging is a very important skill.  It is a practice zone for the skill of writing, and is very useful when selling something.  Often, blogs are news sites.  Other times, blogs are the gateway to a good job.           Writing is a crucial skill in the workplace.   As Gary North, Senator Ron Paul’s presidential […]

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E8 L145 – College

          There are many ways to get more education.  The one most talked about is college.  Although college has been around for a long time, it is still the main way to get higher education.  The thing is, though, it’s becoming obsolete.  With the rise of the internet, a physical college and campus is not […]

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H8 L75 – Civil War Generals

The generals of the civil war are all interesting, and they each have a different story.  Many of them have corresponding parts of the story, like the Mexican-American War, and West Point Military academy.  One of the things they do not have in common is their names, which, in order, are Ulysses S. Grant, Robert […]

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S8 L114 – Constellation Spotting

          My brother and I went outside to get some wood for the fireplace one night, and when we were nearly done, my brother remembered the assignment and got me looking.  He kept finding the “little dipper” in every little star cluster, up until he said he found something that looked like a “tail.”  This […]

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