B1 L40 – 10% Savings

 The book Richest Man in Babylon teaches the management of money. The most prominent rule that it states is “10% of what I earn is mine to save.” That statement is closely followed by “Our expenses will grow to match our incomes unless we protest to the contrary.”    In short, this means to cut back on expenses as a way to save for later. That … Continue reading B1 L40 – 10% Savings

E1 L35 – Contrast and Narrative

In composing the autobiography The Persecutor, Sergei Kourdakov exhibits diverse contrasts to enliven his account; diversity of virtue, antonyms, and activities are all molded to become a book. It becomes particularly apparent when comparing different parts of the story, such as the Sunday picnic and the following raid, or the Soviet leaders and the Soviet people.    The first contrast made in the book was his studies … Continue reading E1 L35 – Contrast and Narrative

B1 L35 – Small Business Vs. Apprenticeship

When you are searching for a way to make money, three options are usually available: A job in a business that’s already growing, apprenticeship, or starting a small business. Commonly the second two options are discarded for college or other scheduling problems. However, in my case, all three would work because I am a homeschooler. Though any of the three options would work, I opted … Continue reading B1 L35 – Small Business Vs. Apprenticeship

E1 L25 – Major Turning points in My Life

          Most people have points at which their life completely changes.  It may be a death, a birth, a bankruptcy, or a lottery win.  There is no end to the possibilities that may be a point at which life goes in a different direction.  For me, the main one was when I finally decided to stop being sneaky.  It took years of punishment, lots of … Continue reading E1 L25 – Major Turning points in My Life