PF W6 – My Income

             In the past year, I’ve earned and spent over $700.  I really hope I don’t do this again, though I think my income will significantly drop over the next few years because I can start getting jobs but nobody’ll hire me.  I hope this doesn’t happen but I expect it to.  This year […]

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S6 L34 – Photosynthesis

          Photosynthesis is a complex food-making plant process that only uses CO2, sunlight, and some nutrients.  This process is so complex that scientists still haven’t figured out the whole process.  All we know is that when clorophyll panels absorb sunlight, they vibrate rapidly, spouting charged electrons, which are carried along and compressed into little batteries […]

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E7 L30 – Saxon Culture

             The book Wulf the Saxon gives us a very good insight into Saxon lifestyle and culture.  It also compares the Norman culture with Saxon.  As the book shows, the Normans (or Northmen) worked their butts off to build ships for their plundering, while in the Saxons, Northumbria and Mercia, the peasants were worked […]

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S6 L36 – My New Aloe, Charlie

I just got a new aloe vera plant for science, and I have officially named it “Charlie”, for no reason at all.  I just wanted to name it instead of just calling it “my new aloe.”  It’s really small and I had to plant it in a really huge pot, which I was kind of skeptic about […]

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H6 W29 – Pompeii

            Fascinating people even to today, this perfectly intact 1st century city was a luxury spot for Roman vacationers, and nowadays a vacation spot for archaeologists.  This city was preserved under 13 – 30 feet under the surface of the ash, and people can find jars of bread or fruit and maybe some paintings.  Some […]

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