How to Download & Install Evernote – ABC Lesson 37

These Download & Install instructions are for a Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.  First, with Firefox, you type in, and it will take you right to the website, where you will see a “Get Evernote – it’s Free!” button at the bottom, and you should click it.  Click on Save File.  It will then be counting down until the download is complete.  Once the download is complete, you see a green arrow in the top right, and when you click on it, it shows a drop-down.  Click on the “evernote” box in the drop-down.  This will begin it installing.  The installing progress should show up in a small window.  If you have Internet Explorer, now’s your turn.  First, type in, and the browser should take you straight to the website.  Again, you will see the “Get Evernote – It’s Free!” button.  Once you click it, there should be a ribbon at the bottom of the screen, and you click “Run” and the browser should start counting down, just like Firefox, and after it finishes downloading, it should open in the background.  The same should happen with Firefox after the double-click on the Evernote box in the drop-down.  Anyone with Internet Explorer can then do what you can do with Firefox.  Once the Evernote window is open, you can then create an account, or sign in if you already have one.  this will take you to the notes window.  If you want to have a Evernote Icon on your desktop,  you go to the start window at the bottom left and type in the search bar, “Evernote” and then drag the Icon at the top to the desktop and drop it, and you should have an Evernote Icon on your desktop.


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