H6 W19 – Persian Wars

In the past week I learned about the major battles in the Persian Wars, and I had a little bit of a break about in the middle where I learned about Esther (whose name was apparently Hadassah).  My writing assignment today is to summarize the life of Esther (Hadassah).  So here goes… King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) called a 180 day feast in celebration of going to … Continue reading H6 W19 – Persian Wars

H6 W18 – Persian Kings

This week, I learned about the lives and accomplishments of the Persian kings Cyrus and Darius, and the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah.  I am supposed to write on the life  and achievements of one of them.  I chose Darius, so he’s the one I’ll write about today. Darius the Great started out as a simple wealthy noble, a descendant of both Cyrus and Cambyses.  He … Continue reading H6 W18 – Persian Kings