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Report on The Bronze Bow – English Lesson 70

The book The Bronze Bow is a fast-paced novel set In Israel when Rome had total control over everybody. The book is about the main character, Daniel’s, story during this period. Daniel is a Jew that wants to rebel against Rome and spits at every roman he sees, like when he spat at a roman soldier because the soldier made him get water for him. Otherwise he is very well behaved and is always only slightly grumpy about the Roman control. The Bronze Bow immerses you into the life of Daniel, and it is very easy to imagine that you’re there. It was written during the September of 1997 and won the 1997 Newberry Award for Children’s Literature for it. I very much recommend this book for its amount of accurate information to Aden, Mom, and Dad.

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Science Lesson 74 – Werner Von Braun – Space pioneers

In this lesson I learned about Werner Von Braun and his impact on the space age and world wars I and II. In world war I he made the V-2 and V-3, which the Allied forces envied. Therefore the American government created a plan called “Operation Paper Clip”. The goal was to kidnap or entice German rocket scientists. When they arrived in America, the government erased their German records and had them produce warheads for America. Werner was enticed, and he came to America being lured by the technology America had, which aligned with one of Werner’s goal of sending a man to the moon. This ambition turned out useful in speeding up the arrival of the space age. While making warheads for the Allied he created the Saturn V rocket, the heaviest, largest rocket invented so far. When he died, he left a legacy that would not be filled for a time to come, and NASA found it hard to make their own rockets, so they stuck to Werner’s rockets that are still used today.

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My Next Chapter in the Cat of Bubastes – English Lesson 60

Chapter I

The Attack

Rebus Mordes looked out the window. Noticing the cloud of dust moving slowly along the road, he went to ask his mother what it was. Just that minute a runner dashed by, telling everyone in the town to retire to their houses, and that the Egyptian barrack had been defeated and was passing through. Retiring to their houses, the men and women trusted that there would not be an attack. Just in case, the men brought their sets of armor, weapons, and shields, all of which were engraved with the family coat of arms and colors.

To the surprise of the villagers the army rounded the corner, which was not supposed to happen. The barrack, robbing the villagers of all their livestock and money, angered the villagers, who attacked the soldiers with all they had. Rebus had joined the vicious battle, being good at archery and marksmanship. Calmly shooting arrows at the enemy, he dashed right into the midst of the battle and used a practice that knocked an Egyptian unconscious and finished him off. Thousands fell on either side, both sides suffering great losses, and both had lost most of their best captains. Despite this the Rebu were fending off the Egyptian army, slowly cutting their way through. Not noticing an Egyptian archer next to him, Rebus was shot in the spine and fell off his chariot. Watching the battle around him, he saw that they were winning.

Seeing Rebus on the ground, a captain came over and picked him up on his chariot. Telling the captain that they were becoming victorious was relaxing. The captain told messengers to go to the flanks and encourage the men with the knowledge that they were winning the battle. This the soldiers took with gratitude, and fought even harder than before. Forfeiting the battle, the Egyptians deserted the battlefield in the direction that they were supposed to go and left the goods that were stolen before the battle.


Note: Rebu is just above Egypt, somewhere to the right of Persia, on a peninsula to the west of the Caspian sea.  The characters are not ones in the actual Cat of Bubastes.  You can get the book in multiple libraries or online.

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That Blending Painting… – Science Lessons 54 & 56

Surprisingly, as I found out, lessons 54 and 56, 54 being paint a tree and 56 a landscape, I apparently did both in the painting shown above.  Of course, it’s too bad that this assignment is in the final two weeks of Art.  I hope to be posting more about these seemingly “abandoned” subjects, like food.  Anyways, see you soon, everyone!

Oh, and to everyone that’s followed me: Thank you very much!