How I can Manage My Money Better – Personal Finance Week 1 Review

How I can Manage My Money Better


For a very long time I have been often running short of cash.  I believe it’s because I keep spending too much on little things like candy and gum, and little trinkets.  I need to stop getting those little things and save for what I really want.  That’s probably the biggest bad habit I have, out of control spending on little items.  That leaves no money for the bigger items I want.  I think that if I stop buying lots of trinkets my amount will stay large enough to buy bigger items instead of being stuck on small items.  Or I could limit myself to about three dollars just for those trinkets and candy that I might want.  I want to do this so I actually have enough to, say, buy a Nerf gun if I save up, then get the candy with extra, instead of going, not knowing how much money I have in my wallet, attempting to buy the gun and needing just one more dollar because I decided I would buy five Airheads beforehand.  And that’s how I can manage my money a whole lot better than I used to.