H6 W33 – Two Church Fathers

In the past week I learned about five different church fathers and the two I cover today are Augustine and Ambrose. Augustine was a very young man when he converted, and he converted because of a  boyish chant he heard of “take up and read”, and when he took up his bible and read the first verse he saw, he converted.  The a little while … Continue reading H6 W33 – Two Church Fathers

S6 L20 Review – Cocoa Diseases & Pests

Diseases Vascular-streak dieback (VSD) caused by the fungus known as Oncobasidium theobroma distinguished in the 1960s caused heavy losses of trees in mature plantations chlorosis of one leaf on the second or third flush behind the tip restrict transport Witches´ Broom   attacks only actively growing tissue sensitive to light and drying   Moniliophthora perniciosa disease in the region of Bahia caused a decrease in … Continue reading S6 L20 Review – Cocoa Diseases & Pests

PF W9 – Getting in Shape for Less

IN the past week of financing on sports and other recreative activities, I studied how to get into shape for less money and time, and whether gym memberships are worth their cost. To get in shape faster and less expensively, I recommend not going to gym – they aren’t worth it.[1]  You can get the gear and clothes for an overall cheaper price than if … Continue reading PF W9 – Getting in Shape for Less

  E6 L40 – London vs. Henty -Writing styles

In the past few weeks I read two different authors’ books, G. A Henty and Jack London.  Both are different, and this essay compares the two, from style, to characters, and then to setting as well. London is a very descriptive writer, normally to the point, very detailed individual characters.  White Fang is one of these books, as well as Call of the Wild.  His … Continue reading   E6 L40 – London vs. Henty -Writing styles

PF W8 – The Finance Solution for Me  

For the past few lessons I have been learning about using technology to control my budgets and as a checkbook.  My mom uses an app on her computer called Quicken™ that autopopulates (whatever that means) when information is put in.  Then it automatically creates graphs, charts and budgets.  Also, when the dues and bills are put in and the dates it will remind you to … Continue reading PF W8 – The Finance Solution for Me  

H6 W32 – Crisis of the Third Century

Over one thousand eight hundred years ago, the Romans were in one of the deepest depressions on the planet from years of hyperinflation because of raised pay rates for legionnaires. Continue reading “H6 W32 – Crisis of the Third Century”