ABC-Lesson 39-Youtube Video #1

Today I will introduce you how to set up a YouTube account, and then how to post a video on your channel tomorrow.  First, you will need a gmail account.  If you already have one, skip this part.  To set up a Gmail account/Google account,  go to “gmail sign up” on google. (to go to google on pretty much every browser, simply type “” in the top search bar.)  Then click on “create your google account – sign in” on the second row.  this will take you to a sign in page that will ask you to either create an account, which you will do if you do not have an account.  If you do have an account already, (like me) then sign in at the bottom.  this will take you to the “yes you’ve been approved” page or “you have not been approved” page.  If not, then it will tell you why you haven’t been approved.  the common mistakes are the  “prove your’e not a robot” box, or that the username is already taken.  then go to “” and it should take you straight to the sign in page.  sign in with your account info, and hit the button beneath it.  this will take you to your YouTube page.  this is where you can post videos, comment on your posts, or even edit them.  tomorrow, I will introduce you to the Interface, and tell you how to post your first video.


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