PF W2 Review – Duel of the Calendars

Google Calendar VS. Windows Calendar   Today’s great entertainment is a competition between the incredible Google Calendar and the spectacular Windows Calendar App!  Before we start, here’s some good info to know about both.  Both calendars auto add holidays, and you can turn this off.  Also, both can share your calendar with others, though it’s harder on the Calendar app.  However, it is easy to … Continue reading PF W2 Review – Duel of the Calendars

S6 L8 – Find a Rock Report

A week ago, I was told to find a rock, describe it on paper, then identify it. But I knew one rock wouldn’t be enough for 300 words, so I found three different rocks! The first one is a Quartzite river stone, found in the ditch beside our house.  It is a metamorphic stone, because the sandstone it came from was compressed to make this rock.  It’s very … Continue reading S6 L8 – Find a Rock Report

H6 W23 Review

Roman Religion             Rome had a culture, just like any other. However, they did something that no other cultures did – they copied and adapted another’s culture.   That other person was Greece.    However, unlike Greece, Rome was unconcerned with creation, why they were there, or stuff like that.   Their religious saying was “I give, that you might give” because they were focused on the here … Continue reading H6 W23 Review

H6 W22 – The life of a Roman king

  History week 22 Review – The life of a Roman king 2,788 years ago[1], in 771 BC, two boys named Romulus and Remus were born.   They were young when their uncle tossed them into a river, they landed in the basket, were found by the wolf, were brought up by the wolf, found by Numitor, went off, Remus died, and Romulus became the first … Continue reading H6 W22 – The life of a Roman king

S6 L1 – Melt’n’ some Bismuth!!

Today actually I got to melt metal!  The metal I melted, Bismuth, has the lowest melting point – about 520ºF, so a regular stove top, a pot you don’t really care about (because it’s probably never going to be clean again,as shown by this pot on the left), a fork you don’t care about, two plates covered in aluminum foil, and an oven mitt is all you need to do this awesome project.  Here’s how to melt your own Bismuth. Continue reading “S6 L1 – Melt’n’ some Bismuth!!”

PF W1 – How I can Manage My Money Better

How I can Manage My Money Better   For a very long time I have been often running short of cash.  I believe it’s because I keep spending too much on little things like candy and gum, and little trinkets.  I need to stop getting those little things and save for what I really want.  That’s probably the biggest bad habit I have, out of … Continue reading PF W1 – How I can Manage My Money Better