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PF W2 Review – Duel of the Calendars

Google Calendar VS. Windows Calendar


Today’s great entertainment is a competition between the incredible Google Calendar and the spectacular Windows Calendar App!  Before we start, here’s some good info to know about both. 

Both calendars auto add holidays, and you can turn this off.  Also, both can share your calendar with others, though it’s harder on the Calendar app.  However, it is easy to change the theme, background, and color schemes on both, and both take one scroll and scroll forward by 1 month.

The first contestant, Google Calendar, is an easy-to-use online calendar. It saves and, unless you want to change it, keeps it as it was set and never changes it.  It also has lines between date blocks, and an agenda form of calendar.  It also has a very useful density button.  This allows for multi-window working.  And, Finally, it updates when others add stuff on their calendars if they’re sharing with you.

The absolute opposite of Google Calendar, Windows calendar is hard to use, and randomly changes times of events.  Along with this, it has no divides between day blocks, so it gets very confusing.  It also does’nt allow for multi-window work, as it has no density controller, and you have to refresh to add others’ changes to their calendars.  The only up about this app is that you don’t have to be online for it to work.

As the obvious winner of the Duel of the Calendars, Google calendar is the program on which I will complete next week’s work – making a schedule.

 PS. if any of you out there have both of these, or one, I would like you to let me know if you agree with me or not Here.  If you do disagree, please tell me why.


Signing out,

-Danger S.

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S6 L8 – Find a Rock Report

A week ago, I was told to find a rock, describe it on paper, then identify it. But I knew one rock wouldn’t be enough for 300 words, so I found three different rocks!

The first one is a Quartzite river stone, found in the ditch beside our house.  It is a metamorphic stone, because the sandstone it came from was compressed to make this rock.  It’s very hard, so it can easily scratch glass. It normally shows white “walls” in miniscule cracks, and sometimes can be transparent, red, green, yellow, purple (Amethyst), pink (Rose Quartz), and even blue.

The second one is a Breccia stone.  I found it in the same place as the mineral above, in the ditch at our house.  It is smooth on some sides, and I guess this is probably from water weathering the rock on some parts.  the rest is very jagged and bumpy.  This rock is a lot like Conglomerate, except it forms in exactly the opposite conditions.  Conglomerate forms underwater, Breccia forms in deserts.  If scratched, this rock will release sand, the stuff it was made from.

Lastly, I have a very special find from the Property, found by an aunt of mine; a quartzite arrowhead.  Quartzite, shown above, on top, can be many colors – however, the arrowhead is very reflective and pure white.  She found it at the southern edge of the burn pile, where I now expect to find more.

That’s all on my three different (and cool) rocks for today!

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H6 W23 Review

Roman Religion

            Rome had a culture, just like any other. However, they did something that no other cultures did – they copied and adapted another’s culture.   That other person was Greece.    However, unlike Greece, Rome was unconcerned with creation, why they were there, or stuff like that.   Their religious saying was “I give, that you might give” because they were focused on the here and now.    They thought that if they gave then the gods might give as well.

During ceremonies, which there were a lot of (about 50 a year, depending on the area or war.), if a mistake was made, the whole ceremony had to be restarted to fix it.    Note that it’s been “gods” the whole time.   This is because they were polytheistic – that means they believed in more than one god. For a while this caused them to not believe in any monotheistic, or “single god” faiths.  Some of their gods and their matching Greek gods:

  • Zeus – Jupiter
  • Hera – Juno
  • Athena – Minerva
  • Aphrodite – Venus
  • Ares – mars
  • Hephaestus – Vulcan
  • Hermes – Mercury

That’s it on Roman Religion.

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H6 W22 – The life of a Roman king


History week 22 Review – The life of a Roman king

2,788 years ago[1], in 771 BC, two boys named Romulus and Remus were born.   They were young when their uncle tossed them into a river, they landed in the basket, were found by the wolf, were brought up by the wolf, found by Numitor, went off, Remus died, and Romulus became the first king of Rome. Next the Sabine women story happened.[2]    Then Romulus founded the Senate, a group of 100 men that basically acted as an all-around jury.  Then he organized the army, in this way:

  • Legion – led by Legionnaire
    • Cohort- led by Primus pilus
      • Maniple- led by Primus pilus
        • Century – led by Centurion
          • Auxiliary

As king, Romulus used war and trickery to gain more land, like when he married the a daughter of an Etruscan king and then took over that king’s land after a while.  He also did this with Babylon, and other large empires at the time, and so the Roman Empire became massive.   This trickster was quite a king.

[1] From the time this was posted

[2] It’s all Here. Have a peek!

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S6 L1 – Melt’n’ some Bismuth!!

Today actually I got to melt metal!  The metal I melted, Bismuth, has the lowest melting point – about 520ºF, so a regular stove top, a pot you don’t really care about (because it’s probably never going to be clean again,as shown by this pot on the left), a fork you don’t care about, two plates covered in aluminum foil, and an oven mitt is all you need to do this awesome project.  Here’s how to melt your own Bismuth. Continue reading “S6 L1 – Melt’n’ some Bismuth!!”

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PF W1 – How I can Manage My Money Better

How I can Manage My Money Better


For a very long time I have been often running short of cash.  I believe it’s because I keep spending too much on little things like candy and gum, and little trinkets.  I need to stop getting those little things and save for what I really want.  That’s probably the biggest bad habit I have, out of control spending on little items.  That leaves no money for the bigger items I want.  I think that if I stop buying lots of trinkets my amount will stay large enough to buy bigger items instead of being stuck on small items.  Or I could limit myself to about three dollars just for those trinkets and candy that I might want.  I want to do this so I actually have enough to, say, buy a Nerf gun if I save up, then get the candy with extra, instead of going, not knowing how much money I have in my wallet, attempting to buy the gun and needing just one more dollar because I decided I would buy five Airheads beforehand.  And that’s how I can manage my money a whole lot better than I used to.