H6 W34 Review – The Fall of the Roman Empire & Why

          In the ancient days, when the Mongols were still a country, and the English and the French were fighting the Hundred Years’ war, the monumental Empire of Rome (at least the western half) collapsed.  It collapsed for many reasons – from invaders to the immoral culture Romans obtained in its later years. The first reason it fell apart was that the empire was simply … Continue reading H6 W34 Review – The Fall of the Roman Empire & Why

H6W36 Final Review – History 6 Summary

In the past 18 weeks, I’ve studied many things, from the beginning of time up until the fall of the Western Roman Empire, to the Persians and Greeks, and even the Macedonians.  In the end, every thing that I studied can have some use within the now.  For we are adopting a Roman mindset of entitlement, laziness, and brutality.  In the end this will end … Continue reading H6W36 Final Review – History 6 Summary

H6 W35 – The Time I had the Most Fun In History Class

         In the past 17.5 weeks, there have been many lectures, essays, and worksheets, but there has also been a lot of jokes, funny mistakes, and interesting facts to learn, like the time I misspelled Archimedes and put Arkimedes instead (I corrected it when I got the right slide), and the time Mr. Fish (my teacher) cracked a joke about Romulus.  A couple examples of … Continue reading H6 W35 – The Time I had the Most Fun In History Class

H6 W33 – Two Church Fathers

In the past week I learned about five different church fathers and the two I cover today are Augustine and Ambrose. Augustine was a very young man when he converted, and he converted because of a  boyish chant he heard of “take up and read”, and when he took up his bible and read the first verse he saw, he converted.  The a little while … Continue reading H6 W33 – Two Church Fathers

H6 W32 – Crisis of the Third Century

Over one thousand eight hundred years ago, the Romans were in one of the deepest depressions on the planet from years of hyperinflation because of raised pay rates for legionnaires. Continue reading “H6 W32 – Crisis of the Third Century”

H6 W30 – Roman Houses

In this lesson I learned about Roman houses; how they were built, how they were organized, and Plebian apartments.  The rich Patricians also had nice little summer retreats like those in Pompeii, which I posted about a little while ago. The rich patrician houses were huge and luxurious with large yards in the middle of their houses, with a colonnaded vesta around it.  This yard … Continue reading H6 W30 – Roman Houses