H7 W4 – Clovis and France

Almost a thousand and a half years ago a man named Clovis rose up from the remains of his father’s legacy and began to unite the kingdom of France. This second king of France was crowned over the Salian Franks at age 15 after the death of his father, Merovich. He gained popularity by beating […]

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E7 L60 – A Robin Hood Story

Chapter XXII Robin Outsmarts the Sherriff… Again           In past days, when King Richard was off in the Crusades, a jolly outlaw named Robin Hood sat in a forest, waiting for a traveler to come by to feast and then tax for the merry feast under a greenwood tree deep in the recesses of the jolly […]

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H7 W3 – My Creed

I know that I should do right even when nobody’s watching and that I will get caught and in trouble otherwise.                     I know that my parents know what to do and how to do it, and I can learn from their actions. 

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H7 W2 – Two Civilizations

In the past few weeks I have reviewed all seven continents from just before the beginning of the Roman Empire up until about 400 AD.   Two of the civilizations on opposite sides of the world were Egypt and South American civilizations. Egypt was started very early and has lasted the test of time mostly because […]

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