E8 L40 – Complaining

        The question for today’s Interrogative Informative is “Should we complain to get what we want?”  the answer is absolutely not!  It not only looks bad but makes it more unlikely for you to get the next thing and makes you more dependent on everybody else.  So, complaining is most definitely a bad thing, but why?    Option one for an answer is, should we … Continue reading E8 L40 – Complaining

H8 L30 – Bill of Rights And Constitutional Amendments

           The Bill of Rights and the following amendments to the Constitution each had a purpose and some content.  The Bill of Rights contains 10 amendments while the other 17 are basically their own little documents all by themselves. The Bill of Rights, written by John Adams, was ratified in 1791, as Adams’ last move as President.  The 10 Amendments in … Continue reading H8 L30 – Bill of Rights And Constitutional Amendments

E8 L35 – E8 L35 – Happiness and Satisfaction

           The question posed to me today by my English teacher was this: “Which gives us more happiness and satisfaction?  The pursuit of a desire, or the attainment thereof?”   In other words, he’s asking: Does the process of earning a thing, or actually gaining it, give you more pleasure and satisfaction?  My answer to that is… drumroll please…both.   Each has a … Continue reading E8 L35 – E8 L35 – Happiness and Satisfaction

S7 L21 – Crystal Radio

For today’s work, I built a crystal radio receiver!  It doesn’t work, but I think I got pretty close.  All I needed was a scrap piece of wood about 15”x8”, a wide wooden piece about 1”x2”x2”, two longer poles, the first about 10”x2”, and the second near 12”x1 ½”, about half a roll of magnet wire, a piece of sandpaper, a toilet paper tube, a … Continue reading S7 L21 – Crystal Radio

E8 L30 – Apple Pie – America’s Dessert?

Many people over time have said that the most American dessert is apple pie.  I have to agree, it is pretty American.  When compared to other types of pie, the stats say that Apple pie is still number one, but I think it may be giving way to Ice cream. Apple pie has long been America’s dessert, being imported by the Dutch, British, and Swedes … Continue reading E8 L30 – Apple Pie – America’s Dessert?

H8 L25 – American Revolution

  One of the most important events in the Common Era history is the secession of the United States of America from the British.  This did not happen instantly.  It happened over a period of ten years, with much carnage, bloodshed, and flying lead in between.  From the Lexington Skirmish to the naval Battle of Yorktown, the British and Colonies were neck-and-neck in a race … Continue reading H8 L25 – American Revolution