H7 W36 Review – Summary of Europe

A whole lot can happen in I,277 years: from the end of knighthood to the beginning of Islam, hundreds of men like William Wallace, Martin Luther, and John Knox, and movements like the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Counter-Reformation.  Each of these things had its influence on the modern Europe and Americas we have today. The year 476 was a big deal – that date … Continue reading H7 W36 Review – Summary of Europe

H7 W35 – History of Middle East And Surrounding Regions

              The Middle East has managed, throughout history, to always be having a war with itself or some of the surrounding countries.  The wealth of this area has mostly been controlled by the countries already settled in it, but a few empires have been able to conquer it, and even the most powerful of them, the Ottomans, were only able to subdue it for a … Continue reading H7 W35 – History of Middle East And Surrounding Regions

H7 W33 – The French and English Kings

         As the colonies were being developed, the other side of the world was having its developments too: the rules were changing for many different countries, like France and England.  Some kings were resistant to that and wanted their power back; others simply took it into account and did what the were then allowed to do.  Some of these kings were the English Georges and … Continue reading H7 W33 – The French and English Kings

H7 L32 – Colonial America

          In the early times of the colonies the it was very different for what we see today in say, DC.  They did not have many of the things we do, such as power and plumbing.  Their games were different form ours, and even what they ate and what technologies they had.  The difference is enormous, and it just keeps growing.            The colonial cities … Continue reading H7 L32 – Colonial America

H7 W31 – George Whitefield

          A long time ago, in the 1600s, the colonists of North America were becoming very lax in their beliefs.  As they became more and more robotic with their spiritual duties, many just weren’t following their beliefs anymore.  as the colonies lost faith, four great preachers were influential in helping along the movement called the Great Awakening, which brought the colonies back to Christ.  One … Continue reading H7 W31 – George Whitefield

H7 W30 – The Thirteen Colonies

          Over the last week I have been studying about the foundation of the thirteen original American colonies.  The first one was started in 1607 and the last in 1733.  The first was Virginia, the last Georgia, and in between the east coast British colonies known today as America.  Virginia was the first colony established, starting in 1607 as the town called Jamestown.  The James … Continue reading H7 W30 – The Thirteen Colonies