Science Lesson 128 – On-Camera Flash – Sorry about the lateness!!

On-camera Flash – Lesson 128 All cameras have a flash, that’s assured. DSLRs have a pop-up flash on top, Digitals have a built-in switch on flash, phones have a built-in flash next to the lens.   However, only DSLRs have the option of an on-camera flash.   These flashes are not built-in, and all that’s needed is a DSLR camera with an on-camera flash option.  Pretty much … Continue reading Science Lesson 128 – On-Camera Flash – Sorry about the lateness!!

Macro Photography – Lesson 123

Macro Photography – Lesson 123           In today’s lesson, I learned about iPhone photography in Camera + 6, in the new Macro mode. It’s really easy to use, all you have to do is open up the toolbar, press the flower icon, and shoot away!  This guy explains it really well.   This guy uses an iPhone, and Camera+ 6. Continue reading Macro Photography – Lesson 123

Camera Focus Review- Science Lesson 120

So, today’s lesson was a review on focus, and I found that I am (sadly) almost done with photography, although I like being a photographer.  Maybe I’ll save up and buy my own sweet camera.  Although I like Dad’s Eos Rebel, I doubt he’ll let me use it for much longer.  He seems to be getting scared that I’ll break it – as if I … Continue reading Camera Focus Review- Science Lesson 120

Science Lesson 118 – Focus

In today’s lesson I learned about Focus, how to control it, and what it does to the picture.  Focus is the blurriness, sharpness, or in between those in a picture.  Out of focus looks something like this (I’m photographing our cat, Blacker): (W/ Eos Rebel) Here’s the correct focus: Same cat, same place, diferent focus.  I took multiple photos like this, nailing the focus most of … Continue reading Science Lesson 118 – Focus