Evernote – Abc Lesson 37

Today I’ll get you started with Evernote, and there are some functions that need to be introduced.  First there’s the Taskbar at the top.  the taskbar is the most used thing in the whole setup.  This taskbar will have a button called New Note that allows you to do an new note, an inknote, an audio note, and the webcam note.  it also has the Sync, Activity, Trunk, Share, and the Usage button in the Taskbar.  The Inknote is basically a drawing pad that you use the mouse to draw on.  The Audio note is a note that you talk and it will record.  The Webcam note is basically the same thing except with video (& you need a webcam to do it).  The Sync button will update the online version of your account so that it can use either online or offline.  then there’s the Activity button which tracks your activity on Evernote.  If you click on it, then it will show you your latest activity on Evernote.  The Trunk is a window that pulls up when you click on it, and it will show you things that the creators of Evernote also created, and some of them, like the web clipper, are made to run with Evernote.  The share button does exactly what you think it does- share that specific note on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and LinkedIn, and the Usage button tells you the usage rights.  That’s it!


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