S8 L10 – My YouTube Progress

         I think that my YouTube banner, icon, and channel all fit what my Value Proposition is, which is offering ideas to kids like me who ant a new way to have fun.  Using better materials, this works for BB and paintball too, so not just the younger kids with foam-shooters can play.  My banner […]

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H8 L15 – Seven Years’ War

            This week reviewed the most major event in 1753 and ending in 1760, the very first real “world war”, as the battles for land, wealth, and power extended not only in Europe, but in India, the Philippines, Africa, and the Americas.              In the American theater, the French drove off the fort workers at […]

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S8 L57 – GPS Location

        GPS works by sending out a random signal to identify itself with the GPS satellites orbiting earth, and then based on the time it takes for a signal to get back from each of at least six satellites, can calculate its position on the globe.

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