H8 L50 – Inventions of the 1800s

   There were many new inventions in the 1800s, including the steam hammer, the steam engine, steam boat, the battery, the arc lamp, electromagnet, and many, many more.     Each of these things contributed to the store of knowledge that the country already had, but only a few fit the two main requirements of the […]

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E8 L32 – Origin of Value

          Do we, as humans, only value that which we struggle for? The answer is most certainly yes.  This is mostly because of the human perspective of value.  The more we work for something the more we keep it in our grips.  This is why a hard-earned medal for an athlete, or a big house […]

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H8 L45 – War of 1812

200 years ago, what some say is the second half of the Revolutionary War started, known as the War of 1812.  This war, which would decide America’s part in foreign influence.  Started by the searching of American ships in foreign ports for no reason at all, this war basically outlined the trade, shipping, and foreign […]

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H8 L40 – Napoleon

          Remembered as one of the greatest generals in history, Napoleon Bonaparte is the man who singlehandedly stopped the French revolution, united most of mainland Europe under his banner, and sold Thomas Jefferson the Louisiana Purchase to fund his infamous exploits.            Not much is known about the early childhood of Napoleon, but what we […]

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H8 L35 – Cultural Updates

From 1789 – 1800, many cultural events took place.  These varied from the French Revolution to the First bank of America, to the cotton gin, and even up to the Quasi-War. 1789 – 1792 was studied in Lesson 32.  The lesson focused on Mozart, but Mr. Fish also mentioned a few other things.   In 1789, […]

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