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B1 L130 – USPs of RPC

By Rosser Reeves’ definition of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which is “the most important point in an ad,” there can be more than one possible USP for an ad. Take, for example, the Ron Paul Curriculum. There are a ton of possible USPs, any of the 30+ reasons stated in my essays on the topic [(1)&(2)], and Mr. North’s landing page.  

One of those could be the fact that the course is “98% self-taught after grade 3.” In those first three grades, the student learns the integrity and work ethic to get the work done; then, the parent can altogether drop out and grade the essays occasionally. Even coming from public school, that’s pretty good. It is somewhat expensive, but it’s worth it. Besides, the parent can tell a kid, “Go do your school” and leave them to it in another room. That way, the parent doesn’t have to see the kid for a portion of the day.  

Another USP could be the fact that the curriculum is video-based. This idea is one-of-a-kind. Most homeschool curriculums are book/audio-based, and we all know textbooks are dry as a desert, whether written for a public school or not. They were written for committees and read as such. However, the Ron Paul Curriculum is video-based, so there are slides and a voiceover. This genius notion encourages even better learning. A video can be rewound and watched again as many times as necessary and doesn’t get bored or tired of being played over and over again. A teacher does, however.  

Speaking of textbooks, that’s another one. The Ron Paul Curriculum does not use textbooks. Everything that isn’t a free PDF on the site is a literature book that can be obtained pretty cheaply on Amazon. And none of the PDFs are textbooks either, except maybe a page that explains something exceptionally well. In my three years on RPC, I have only seen one page of a book in a PDF.  

Another plus-one is that the Ron Paul Curriculum is NOT Common-Core based. In short, it doesn’t follow the public school procedures. It follows three different tracks: Maths/Science, Business, and Government. Each of those is a category of classes; for instance, under math/science, there’s all the math courses, chemistry courses, active science, biology, and all that good stuff. Business includes the Business I and II courses, which teach how to start a business, write advertisements, and explain everything necessary to make it successful. 

In conclusion, all of these are possible USPs for the RPC. Self-taught, video-based, no textbooks, and no common-core! Sounds pretty good to me. If you’re still not hooked, there are some more reasons here, here, and here. And to order now, go here! 


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