iPhone Photography – iPhone Portraits, White Balance, & Exposure – Science Lesson 111

For those of you out there who have been waiting for me to post some posts about iPhone photography, here it is, the first lesson on iPhone photography, most of which is done with the Camera + app, and some with Camera+ 6.  Today’s subjects are portraits, controlling the white balance, and controlling the exposure.  For portraits in Camera+,  go to the exposure compensation, lock it on the darkest you can find on the subject, and shoot away.  If the background has a cool light dispersed on it, lock the exposure on the sky, bring it to the subject, and shoot.  Voila, you have a great photo.  For white balance in Camera+ 6, all you have to do is go on manual, set a preset, and then shoot to your heart’s content.  Also, in Camera+ 6 there is a kelvin wheel that allows you to change the white balance extremely easily.  That’s it for today, and for more details on the photographer that I got these iPhone tips from , click Here.


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