H6 W10 – The Life of Solomon






            Solomon lived a good, long, faithful life, serving God before his downfall for paganism.  As a child, his father David had him anointed and made co-regent, and Solomon learned from his father.  After his father’s death, he took up the throne, and started to build the temple in the fourth year of his reign, and seven years later it was done.  The temple was covered in gold on the inside and anyone who saw it would probably be awe-inspired, as it was simply cedar 100% coted in pure gold. Then there was the inner sanctuary, also completely housed in gold, with silver inlaid, and then the holy of holies.  The holy of holies was the most beautiful of all, made with electrum and jewels all around the inside, and was housing for the ark of the covenant, also covered in gold, with the mercy seat and cherubim on top covered in silver. After the building of the temple, he was quizzed by the Queen of Bathsheba, or likely Hatshepsut, and the bee flew into the window and flew into the real bundle.  That gave him the answer, and Hatshepsut went home, awed at his wisdom.  Next up of his challenges came his wives. He started out with one, but she advised him to get more than one as she was barren, and he obeyed and got 700 wives, most of which did not bear babies.  The few babies he did get all died, and it went downhill from there.  His wives convinced him to follow their religions of Baal, Ishtar, Japheth, etc. God punished him for that by having the kingdom split between his servant and his son.



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