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H7 W33 – The French and English Kings

         As the colonies were being developed, the other side of the world was having its developments too: the rules were changing for many different countries, like France and England.  Some kings were resistant to that and wanted their power back; others simply took it into account and did what the were then allowed to do.  Some of these kings were the English Georges and the French Louis. 

          George I was one of two English kings who reigned under Parliament. George I tried to resist the shrinking of the power of the King and tried to reverse some of it.  As he did this, he had lots of trouble with the Anglican establishment over what religion was official, and of course a few struggles with parliament.  His home, currently modern Germany, which was at the time called Hanover and was in the HRE, was also the home of his son, George II.  George II was the last in many ways – the last king to be born outside Britain, the last to lead an army into battle, and the last to have been brought up outside of Britain.  He spent more time at home in Hanover where he had more power, than in Britain. 

          Louis XV was the great-grandson of the famous French Sun King Louis XIV, but never had a high point like his great grandfather.  The boy reached the throne at age five and had a regent over him for much of his reign.  When he reached maturity he immediately had a cardinal over him to direct his reign.  His grandson also had a bad reign, despite his attempts to erase land tax, end serfdom, and increase religious freedom.  This was because whenever he did something, either the nobles counteracted it, or the people misunderstood it.  Because of this, the reforms led to a financial crisis that instigated the French revolution.  The beheading of Louis XVI marked the beginning of the French revolution and the beginning of French Parliament.

          These four kings are remembered negatively because the winner writes the history, but despite that they played huge roles in the beginning of the parliamentarian era and the formation of our current government.


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