H6 W14 – Romulus and Remus

Summary of Lesson 53 – History Week 14 Review

          In this week’s review, my teacher asked me to summarize one of the lessons from the past week, so here’s my summary of the story of Romulus and Remus. 

          In the beginning of the story, a man becomes king with his brother also racing him to the throne, and the king’s brother’ daughter had two young boys despite her forced vow to never marry… therefore, the king (named Amulius) had the two boys (named Romulus and Remus) thrown into the river Tiber.  Luckily, they both landed in a stout basket, and they floated downriver.  A while later, an olive tree’s root upset the basket, sending the little boys onto the beach.  There a mother wolf found them, and took them to her den.  The wolf then raised them, until Amulius’s brother’s (Numitor) farmer noticed them fooling around.  He and his wife then took care of them while they grew up to be strong, healthy, active young men.  They then found out that they were princes by happenstance, and they were brought to Numitor their grandfather.  They did not know him, and went home unknowing.  They then went out to make a new city, unlike what Numitor told them, which was to retake Alba (the city they lived in), and went home unknowing.  They then went out to make a new city, unlike what Numitor told them, which was to retake Alba (the city that Amulius was ruling).  Instead, they both went out to make new cities.  They decided that one should be king of the city, and they started a dispute.  Remus went to one hill, Romulus to another.  Both claimed they saw the sign, and in the dispute, they walked away.  Then, Romulus started building a city on his choice to put the city (Palatine Hill) and made a little wall.  Remus made fun of Romulus’s wall, and hopped over it.  Romulus whacked Remus on the head with a shovel, said, “so perish all who jump my wall.” And Remus died.  Therefore, the name Rome comes from Rom-ulus, and so the story is that Romulus therefore founded Rome, which would become a huge empire later.

The Sabine Women

          After the founding of Rome by Romulus, he was king, and noticed that there were only men coming to his city, no women.  So, he planned a meeting, and a feast to honor the god Neptune.  When the Sabines (a neighboring tribe with lots of women) came, the men of Rome stole away enough wives for everybody, and they all had wives.  However, the Sabine men declared war because their daughters had been stolen.  The women pleaded with the men not to fight, said they were happy with their new husbands, and so the Sabines and Romans combined as one because of the pleading of the Sabine Women. 


romulus-and-remusThat’s it for today’s essay, I hope you liked it!


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