A little “Sorry!” note to those checking my blog and New Update

Sorry about the past absence, I was trapped in the new, endless cycle of – Public school, then activity, then dinner , and finally bed.  I didn’t have time to update the blog, and I’m sorry about that.  I will Update again soon, no, I do not have any crushes yet, the food tastes like cardboard, and two girls are arguing over me and my head like I’m a trophy to be won.  So far, I’m doing good.

How to Download & Install WordPress.com and Start Posting

This is an optional post, but someone asked me how to use wordpress and post, so I decided to put up a post on how to get wordpress going and how to post.

First, go to wordpress.com by either copying and pasting or clicking in this link:  https//www.wordpress.com/  and enter in the things needed on the form that will show up.  Then you can either get a host or simply use your blog.  I will simply use the blog, and you can go to the dashboard with your password and username, and then you’re in your dashboard.  This is the back end of your blog.  you will see a bar on the right that has these things in order from top to bottom:  Dashboard, Store, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Feedback, Appearance, Users, Tools, Settings, and Collapse menu.  The one you will first go to is the Posts button, and it will show a dropdown on the left of the button.  Click on Add New and it will take you to the writing window, and you can copy and paste or simply write from there. That’s your first post!