My Summary of the Space Shuttle Program – Science Lesson 80

In this lesson I learned about the Space Shuttle Program and the effect it had. Then I learned about the Challenger and Columbia disasters and why they happened. NASA created the Space Shuttle Program to make going to space less expensive and time-consuming, and it gave NASA the ability to almost fund itself. NASA’s plan was to send the reusable rocket Columbia to space, refill the rocket boosters, and finally refill the main fuel tank. This cost almost half the price as it usually would to make a rocket, and the private companies decided to go to NASA for experiments to be completed in space for them. The impact this had on NASA was that they had a lot more money to work with and this helped a lot in getting the Columbia built. In turn, the rocket benefited both the private companies and NASA in the next 27 SSP flights. Therefore, Challenger’s disaster shook NASA’s strength in the space race, and they tried only one more time with Atlantis, and the beginning of the ISS, to be studied in a couple lessons.