Camera Focus Review- Science Lesson 120

So, today’s lesson was a review on focus, and I found that I am (sadly) almost done with photography, although I like being a photographer.  Maybe I’ll save up and buy my own sweet camera.  Although I like Dad’s Eos Rebel, I doubt he’ll let me use it for much longer.  He seems to be getting scared that I’ll break it – as if I will!! That thing costs more than our Wii U, in fact, four times as much, and I swore that on my honor, if I broke it, I would pay the full cost for repairs.  As if I would break it.  Really?


Anyways, today’s a review in science, almost done with photography, and I’m sad about that.  At least I have that silly terrible Samsung Camera.  Maybe I will keep posting stuff like this in the future. Too bad I only have two units left in Science, too.  Well, see you tomorrow!

My Summary Of Food Science – Lesson 35 – Review

I have had a lot of fun while working on food science, and have gained lots of experience in cooking, like figuring out I need more practice in the smoothie department, cooking up a bowl of salsa that everyone liked, eating some delicious coleslaw, learning how to make potato chips, and even the sliced baked potato as the second project! Later after each one, at least one person had at least one question or comment on the meal, appetizer, or snack. This feedback was what made my recipes better, and I will keep learning how to cook even after food science is over. I have also made some ice cream when I finished food science, and the bonus recipes too!  I will miss food science, and I hope to be posting some art soon.