70’th Birthday Speech – ABC Lesson 30

Hello, everyone! Thank you for being here today, for supporting me in what I have done in past years, and guiding me in the correct directions. I cannot repay you fully.  You have provided me a job as a computer engineer, and I used it, and worked my way to the top, and then you helped me in starting a new job as a CEO in Jobs Incorporated. And I used this job and provided for thousands of customers that came to me. These customers then passed this info to other people, and they started businesses too, like logging companies and business companies.

I have not only helped others, but encouraged, jump-started, and donated to, others, and I feel that I accomplished something from that. This seventieth birthday speech commemorates helping and serving and encouraging all my years as an adult, and using my time and my money and helping helpless families, giving the homeless homes, orphans a foster parent, and .

At the same time, I had success in my business, life, and raising my youngsters. These were my major successes: having a clean criminal record, a healthy and happy family, and a good job. This major success was what powered the other little successes. The outflow was like a boomerang, coming right on back as inflow- which kept the cycle going. (The cycle is what is so major in society – it keeps you from going bankrupt, starving, being homeless, and, put it all together, death in itself, or going to jail.) Thank you.

Herbs & Spices Overview – Science Lesson 31

Today I learned about Herbs and Spices.  I’ll start off talking about the herbs, than I’ll move on to the spices, and after that I’ll talk about some relating character traits connecting the two.

To start off, the lesson listed a good handful of herbs, some of which I had not known about, including  Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Bergamot, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Angelica, Celery, Coriander leaf, Dill, Fennel, Pili-Pili, and Eucalyptus.  The main definition of an herb is that it is a fresh or dried leafy part of a plant that is used for its flavoring, perfume, or its medicinal qualities.   Herbs can be from a(n) annual, biennial, or perennial, and it’s supposed to be used in small bits.

Now I’ll talk about spice, and these are a couple spices that he listed in the video: Cinnamon, Allspice, Chili Peppers, Vanilla, Chocolate, Curry, Paprika, Saffron, Pimento, Cannelle, Dill, Tumeric, and Ginger.  The definition of a spice is a dried seed, bark, or root used for flavoring, coloring, or preserving food, and it has a medicinal value.

Then there’s the nutritional benefits and culinary uses.  The health benefits are Phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant properties, the Terpene compounds, which decrease the production of “free radicals” or harmful cells in the body, therefore it gives them anti-cancer properties, the anti-inflammatory properties, the vitamins and minerals, and they support and influence the metabolism (the system that sends out antibodies when you get sick) positively, keeping you healthy.  And there’s the culinary uses, which are being served fresh, chopped (use a sharp knife for this, or it will leave a brown/black discoloration on the herb/spice), crumbled if dried, heated in oil to extract the flavor, ground into coarse or fine particles, or turned into a flavor extract that will quickly permeate that dish.  Herbs and spices are quite an interesting subject!

Success Principles-ABC Lesson 26-Three Successes That I Have Had

In this lesson he asks you to name three successes that you have had, and talk about them, and if they coincide with his success principles, talk about it in 150 words (at least!).  Here’s my compilation.

1. Finishing fifth grade.

2. Riding 60 miles on a bike.

3. Getting Scout rank in BSA.

1. Finishing fifth grade: When I finished fifth grade, I was ecstatic!  I then went to summer camp for two weeks.  After that I had two more weeks to play, and in July, I started having to overview my classes.

2. Riding 60 miles on a bike: I had to work at it all by my self, with a little bit of encouragement from dad and the music from the boombox on his bike. He also tipped me about eating lots of carbs before biking — and I made it! 🙂

3. Getting Scout rank in Boy Scouts of America: this one was hard, but I made it through!  I kept missing seven requirements that kept slipping my mind or I couldn’t do.  I figured it out over time (with the help of mom and dad) and got Scout rank!  After that I was exited to go up for Tenderfoot, which I am still working on.