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B1L15 – How Entrepreneurship Will Guarantee My Employment in 2030

            The world is changing. Robots are becoming a very common commodity, causing the loss of many jobs because of large companies. The result was that after the recession of 1999, the economy recovered, the GDP came back, everything came back except one thing – jobs. This is why being an entrepreneur is a good way to guarantee my employment in the somewhat distant future.
            The way that it works is in that when all the big companies have nothing but robots managing them, the little businesses are going to have real people under them. Being a real person in a market full of robots is going to give the seller a huge advantage – people trust other people more than they trust robots. This means that having a small local business may allow people to guarantee their own employment in the near (and distant) future.
            As the world changes, everything’s changing with it. A good idea is to find a way to employ yourself in what may be one of the worst unemployment sets in the world, be it easy or not.


I'm 10, in the Ron Paul curriculum, and working on my blog,!

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