E8 L150 – Blogging

         Blogging is a very important skill.  It is a practice zone for the skill of writing, and is very useful when selling something.  Often, blogs are news sites.  Other times, blogs are the gateway to a good job.

          Writing is a crucial skill in the workplace.   As Gary North, Senator Ron Paul’s presidential campaign manager, says, “If you can tell other people what to do in not only verbal words but words on a piece of paper, you have a significant advantage in getting a job.”  A blog is a perfect place to practice your skill – if the public likes it, it’s good.  If nobody likes it, it’s bad.  Besides, if you lose a disk drive that held all the original files, there is always the backups on the blog.  It’s almost like a public Cloud for free, a social media, and a chat center rolled into one.

          One day my blog is going to get me a job because my employer can see my writing skill on my blog.  I will have a higher chance of getting the job because not many people have very good writing skills nowadays, though there are more and more bloggers by the day.

          Every time I post an essay, I look back at some of my old ones and think, “Man, I wouldn’t write it that bad now! It just looks so horrible and the grammar’s slightly off.”  This is a sign of improvement.  Eventually, after college if I choose to take it I might look back at this essay and think, “Oh my Lord, that essay is so horrible that I don’t know why I posted it!”  That’s a sign of improvement.

          The point of a blog is to put what you think out on the web, but it works just as well as a historical, physical book of essays.  This will eventually show an employer my advancement in the skill of writing, and earn me a job.


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