E8 L145 – College

          There are many ways to get more education.  The one most talked about is college.  Although college has been around for a long time, it is still the main way to get higher education.  The thing is, though, it’s becoming obsolete.  With the rise of the internet, a physical college and campus is not as important; the new-fangled online colleges allow for all the learning of a physical college, but also the comforts of home, if the choice is even made to do college. 

          The question is, is it important for you?  Depending on your needs, college may or may not be very important.  If you don’t have much money and don’t need higher education, it’s not really a good idea to go into thousands of dollars in debt just to get a piece of paper that pretty much just says “So-and-so completed so-and-so class with highest honors”. Now you may argue, “But doesn’t that piece of paper get me a better job?” Really, it doesn’t.  The paper gets you on the short list for the interviews, but it doesn’t guarantee you the job you seek. 

You don’t need the degree to beat others with a degree; you just have to be confident and competent.  If you know what you’re doing, the interviewer will notice, and you may get the job.  For example, Nicola Tesla dropped out in his second year of college, but still managed to land a job at one of the biggest companies at the time.  Sure, he was a genius, but the same rule applies. 

A reason that it may be important is that you want to do something that wasn’t covered in college, like geology.  President Herbert Hoover made millions off his degree in geology by predicting the best places to drill for oil.  One of my uncles has a degree in programming and makes two hundred thousand a year at least.  A good idea is to take boy scouts in middle school and early high so you can get a taste of the many different fields that are available. 

What is your situation?  There are a few options.  You could get a degree without going to college at all!  There are online colleges, CLEP exams, and a few inexpensive other ways to get degrees. So why waste time and money going to a physical college, or even a college at all? There are benefits of not going to college; take advantage of them.   Do it soon, or not at all: tenth grade is a good deadline, or there’s gonna be some serious cramming happening in eleventh and twelfth.

 There are ways other than college; don’t forget to consider them, and in conclusion, I recommend watching a video by Gary North on the expenses of college.  Here it is: Video


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