English L101-115 Book – The Journey of the Tower of Babel

          Barrak is a tall guy with a light tan.  He’s got dark hair and beard, with dark eyes, and some bulging muscles that are quite pronounced.  He says they’ve gotten him out of more than one brawl in a tavern.  He can read maps, dislikes insects, and (weirdly enough) hates potatoes. 

          Elias is a chill guy with sea-green eyes and swept-back sandy-colored hair.  He likes neutral colors on his clothes, is about twenty hands (six feet) tall, and loves the outdoors.  Chedva doesn’t want to admit it, but everyone knows she has a crush on him. He’s great with animals and is a god at tallies.

          Abhy is the mooch of our group – she loves bangles, sweets, and flirting.  She is pretty, with auburn hair, icy eyes, and a pouty mouth, but she dropped out early, and is a straight-faced liar.  Personally, I think the reason she likes flirting is because she’s jealous of the like other girls are getting over her.

          Chedva is a peace-keeper.  She can bring up anyone’s spirits and stop absolutely any argument.  She has dark chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and a mouth that’s always smiling.  She’s shy but cheerful, and you absolutely do not want to get on her bad side, trust me. (It involved a near-fatal attack with a dog-food pot.  Don’t ask.) She likes furry animals and hates any insects.

          Liesbet is the “Nature Woman” of our group. She is a light brunette with a light smile and pine-green eyes, and everybody likes her (except Abhy!).  She’s bold and definitely good at charcoal art.  She doesn’t care what animals are within a ten-foot radius of her, including insects, mammals, or aquatic animals, but if it means to harm her, she’s gonna kill it first. 


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