E8 L30 – Apple Pie – America’s Dessert?

Many people over time have said that the most American dessert is apple pie.  I have to agree, it is pretty American.  When compared to other types of pie, the stats say that Apple pie is still number one, but I think it may be giving way to Ice cream.

Apple pie has long been America’s dessert, being imported by the Dutch, British, and Swedes during the settlement of America.  Apple pie was created in early Britain as soon as 1350 CE.  That’s a really long time ago!  Then, two hundred years later, the first recorded recipes came out in the Netherlands.  Israel Acrelius said that apple pie was extremely common in 18th century Delaware.  Then almost 170 years later, somebody came up with the ad jingle “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.”

So, why is it a favorite?  Well, it most certainly tastes good.  It also used something pretty common to make something delicious, which most definitely helped its popularity.  Sadly, these nasty store-bought wrapped apple pie bars are mangling the taste.  Even I don’t like them, and that’s a problem.  A real fresh, warm apple pie beats premade, cold, and nasty filled bars any day.

Is it still a favorite? Polls show it still is a favorite, but apple pie lovers aren’t as common as they were in the 1900s apparently.  The stats show that approximately one out of five people like apple pie, at 19%.  Pumpkin pie is close behind with 13%, and right behind that is pecan pie, 12%.  In the 1900s, Ritz had a mock apple pie commercial for its crackers, apple pie was so popular!  Sadly, nobody really cooks it anymore, and the premade pies don’t taste all that great.

Even though pie is popular, it just may be giving way to ice cream.  Besides, who doesn’t like it?  Some people still like to eat apple pie, but they do that in the winter, when the hot apple pie heats them up in the winter, and then ice cream cools them down in the summer.  As the seasons progress, so does their favorite food.  Then again, I see no problem with pie in the summer.  But overall I’m betting that those nasty prewrapped apple pies wreak havoc on pie’s popularity.

If I had to choose the most American dessert, it would be ice cream. Not because it’s my favorite dessert (well, actually, it may partially be that) but because it’s the most common dessert in America, and probably easier to get the real thing.



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