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H8 L15 – Seven Years’ War

            This week reviewed the most major event in 1753 and ending in 1760, the very first real “world war”, as the battles for land, wealth, and power extended not only in Europe, but in India, the Philippines, Africa, and the Americas. 

            In the American theater, the French drove off the fort workers at fort Necessity as George Washington approached.  the French heard about his approach and sent lieutenant Jumonville to warn him.  Washington thought this was a raiding party, though, and killed everyone in the camp.  He then continued to reach fort necessity, where he fought the French and one, but the French later came back and kicked Washington out.  Braddock was then sent to capture Fort Duquesne and failed miserably in the Battle of Monongahela.  These were simply precursors to the real war, though.  Soon after, France decided to take the British island of Minorca in the Mediterranean Sea, and as this happened, Prussia took Saxony.  Soon enough, France, Prussia, Britain, Hanover, Spain, Russia, Austria, Sweden, and Portugal were all in the war.  Spain and Portugal fought over South American boundaries, but neither gained nor lost.  Then, all of a sudden, in 1759, Britain took a miraculous string of victories, taking over Florida, Canada, several Caribbean islands, India, and Senegal.  Prussia kept the Russians and Austrians busy, while Hanover kept France busy.  Basically, due to Prussia’s keeping the strongest two armies at bay, Britain was able to gain a magnificent string of victories – and not share the spoils. 

            After the war, the countries all made peace in the Treaty of Paris.  The European lands that had been gained or lost were returned to their owners, but only in Europe alone.  Britain wasn’t about to give up its massive new territories, so this Treaty of Paris did not apply outside Europe.                  

Because countries shape each other, and wars shape those countries, these wars defined the most powerful country on earth’s here and now.  Because of the Seven years War, and influences from it, the United States of America was about to be formed.


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