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E8 L10 – My Favorite Activities

As kids, we normally have one or two things we really like to do on our free time.  Mine are Nerf wars with my friend and brother, and swim team at the nearby pool.  At swim team, I have four nice coaches who’ve taught me a much better breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly.  As I do these things, I have fun and learn something from each thing I do, especially in swimming.

Nerf wars with Tyler are really something to look forward to, especially when we can get a few extra kids from around the block, and that’s when the messiest of the games we play happens.  I go around and scatter some darts around the yard, and everyone rushes up to grab a gun from the pile in the middle and as many darts as they can carry to shoot.  Then the smart ones that are first to the pile grab a gun and start shooting anywhere they can, preferably into the massive dogpile on the weapons.  This will kill more than one person trying to get weapons.  Others try to immediately run away and later steal weapons from other people.  Hiding with a small self defense gun is the best tactic, though, because everyone else kills each other and then you can kill the last person and win.  There are many tactics for this game.  Another one we play is Neighborhood Warfare, where we organize into teams and play the game around the block, with ditches as trenches and our friend’s radios are allowed.  Another one is we simply do that, except no radios, and yard only, with wooden pallets set up as defense shields.  Any guns are allowed for those.

Shoot-and-tackle is another game that anyone can play, as long as the one tackling can actually take down the other players.  Everyone tries to shoot the tackler, and then they drop their guns and run like crazy.  The tackler has to try to catch and tackle them.  If they fall down, they die.  No teams are allowed in this game, and the winner is the last man standing other than the tackler.  Another game is Assassin.  One person is the assassin, and everyone else wants to kill each other, so they bid a certain amount of rocks.  The more rocks, the better, and whoever bids the most rocks wins the bet and is not killed.  The assassin goes after whoever it was the winner bidder wanted killed, and then immediately gets paid the rocks.  One I just came up with a few days ago after watching Ready Player One was a game called Oasis.  We all start with nothing but three aluminum foil coins.  Killing somebody gives you their coins, and with those coins you can save up to buy better guns, armor, and abilities from a shopkeeper, who is technically not playing.  if you kill somebody who already has a weapon, you can take that weapon and use it yourself.  This game is also yard-only, team-less, and radio-less.  If you die, you respawn with the original 3 coins to buy a new weapon.    Sometimes Cops and Robbers is a fun game to play with guns.  Half the kids (rounded up) are cops, the other half (rounded down if uneven) are robbers.  The point of the game is for the cops to taze the robbers (shoot them with a nerf gun) and get them into the car.  Tazing lasts 5 seconds, so the robber has a chance to “break the handcuffs” (3 seconds) and escape.  The robbers cannot escape the car once they are in it.  Robbers can also taze cops for 5 seconds as an escape means.  The cops have five minutes to catch all the robbers or the game’s over.

As for swimming, Coaches John, Grace, Rachel and Dalton have taught me a whole lot about the four main strokes, especially breaststroke.  Even though I got disqualified again and again in every single meet on it, they kept trying and this meet it paid off – I didn’t get disqualified!  As the meets passed, my times got faster and faster, and as about every four days a meet went on I was able to make some friends among the Hopyard Hammerheads, Caroline YMCA Orcas, Eden Estates Eels, and three others.

I made more than a few friends at home team too, such as Kylie, Molly, Camryn, and Savannah.  The problem is, there aren’t many boys there, mostly just a horde of girls, so most of the friends I make there are girls.  There are also plenty of fun activities this team does too, such as Chipotle Spirit Night (go out to Chipotle for dinner), Donut Day (eat donuts after morning practice), and Float Night (head out to the pool at 8 P.M. for an hour of fun and a movie afterwards).

So whether it’s Tyler and Nerf wars in Assassin, Oasis, Cops and Robbers and more, or swimming on a team with Kylie, Molly, Savannah, and Camryn, whatever I’m doing I have heaps of fun.


I'm 10, in the Ron Paul curriculum, and working on my blog,!

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