H7 W23 – The Reformation

  Over a few weeks past, I have been learning about the Protestant Reformation.  Starting all the way back to the life of Gerhard Groote, the Reformation spread lie a wildfire over the whole continent of Europe, some of Asia, and eventually into the Americas, too.  It all started when Gerhard Groote started his Brethren […]

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PF L130 Review – College majors

If I chose College, I would have to choose which majors I would get, and the three I would choose are Engineering, Chemistry, or Math.  All three are very versatile and can give me more options for employment out in the field. The first major I decided upon was Engineering.  Engineering can be used in […]

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E7 L125 Review – Two Essays

E7 L125 Review P1 – Narrative description of Kevin           After finishing an essay on describing Kevin, Liam went over to that person’s house.  On arrival, he ran over, rang the doorbell, and immediately hid beside the door.  Kevin cam out, and Liam jumped out from next to the door.  Kevin yelled, and ran back […]

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H7 W21 Review – The Travels of John Cabot and Jacques Cartier

            One Italian, one Frenchman, both influential explorers, men named John Cabot and Jacques Cartier (pronounced shock·wes car·tee·eh) each of them started a colony, both of which, though failing from new difficulties, proved the fact that the Americas could be settled in.           John Cabot, the first explorer, was the Italian who sailed to […]

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