English 7 L130 – Thomas Sawyer’s Vocabulary Examples


        In the past week I have studied many different ways of expressing thoughts, including some very interesting ways, like soliloquy, personification, and Imagery.  Each of these words represent a set of things that help the reader better understand what is going on in the book.    Personification is giving an inanimate object, like a gate, human abilities, like in the sentence, “The gate squealed and refused to move.”  Soliloquy basically is a character talking to themselves, to help the reader understand what they were thinking.

          Soliloquy is basically a character’s talking to themselves.  A lot happens during the two chapters “The Pinch-bug & His Prey – Chapter Vand The Cat and the Pain-killer, chapter XII.  During the pinch-bug chapter, Tom kept thinking about the fly which landed on the chair in front of him and what he would do to it after the prayer.  In the pain killer one, Tom talks to the cat, and then decides to do it.

          Imagery gives the reader a visual image that the reader can “see” in their mind.  Some of the images given were funny, like in “the Pinch-bug & His Prey – Chapter V, Tom brings out a pinch-bug and a dog sits on it.  It then becomes a “wooly comet” up and down and up and down the aisles and “everyone in the parish was attempting to hide their laughter behind a fan or handkerchief.” Another one is about Sawyer’s Granma’s cat and painkiller, Chapter XII.  Tom’s grandmother has a yellow tabby, which walks into the room as Tom poured some painkiller into the crack in the floor.  The cat wanted some, so Tom gave the cat the painkiller. The result was that the cat ran around and round the room, making “general havoc” around the house, doing a few cartwheels, and rocketing out the window along with the rest of the flowerpots. These chapters are not included in condensed versions, though, so the ones with a steamboat on a tan background will have these.

          For personification, the cat mentioned above was given the ability to make a war-whoop and say hurrah while racing around.  A fence was also given the ability to stretch forever while Tom was forced to paint it on the weekend for punishment, and at the same time a shoe whistling like a nerf dart for his not doing it. 

          These parts of making an interesting book were well represented throughout the book, especially imagery and personification; so many times, I cannot even put all of them on here without taking up five pages.  Over the book, many things happen, but I would not spoil it with too much information – I’ll leave you to read the book on your own.




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