E7 L55 Review – Short stories, Novels, and Novellas

This week I learned about three types of literature called novels, short stories, and novellas.  All three have their pros and cons, and each is a different category of story. A novel is a long prose story normally in the form of a hardcover or softcover book. They’re pretty long and often are very descriptive.  These long books are sometimes complicated and hard to read … Continue reading E7 L55 Review – Short stories, Novels, and Novellas

E6 L45 – Character development and Setting

          In the last two weeks I have read a book called A Knight of the White Cross by G. A. Henty and This essay is on the Setting and Character Development of the book. 

          As the book went on, the main character, Gervaise Tresham, is greatly focused upon becoming a knight, and he must climb the many obstacles thrown at him by the setting, which varies from a peaceful, quiet, starry night with laughter and gossip floating in the rooftop air to the roils and toils of battle on the front lines with screaming and death of thousands and even to the event of him receiving a lady’s sworn only token.  The tall young page develops into a real man and knight throughout the book, taking him to the hardships of slaves from a slave plot (he was kinder to slaves after that) to the other end of the spectrum, the Count of Genoa, and could have become the grand master of the order he had been in. Continue reading “E6 L45 – Character development and Setting”

PF W11 – Regulated Tax

          In the past few days I’ve learned about the many regulations Government has placed on us, and many of these are Tax regulations.  One of them that controls the rest of the regulations is #26, the main rule; it basically said that the governors could do whatever they deemed necessary.  Whatever they deemed necessary was whatever they wanted.  No wonder they’re rich… Anyways, the … Continue reading PF W11 – Regulated Tax

H6 W34 Review – The Fall of the Roman Empire & Why

          In the ancient days, when the Mongols were still a country, and the English and the French were fighting the Hundred Years’ war, the monumental Empire of Rome (at least the western half) collapsed.  It collapsed for many reasons – from invaders to the immoral culture Romans obtained in its later years. The first reason it fell apart was that the empire was simply … Continue reading H6 W34 Review – The Fall of the Roman Empire & Why

PF W10 – “Why are loan interest rates different?”  

In the past few weeks I have learned about loans and their benefits for both the saver and the borrower and the negative qualities of loans.  There was also the major difference in the type of loan as well, because the type of loan matters as well as the rate, and sometimes the rate even depends on the type of loan. Opportunity cost is one … Continue reading PF W10 – “Why are loan interest rates different?”