E6 L65 – Two Tools I would Want on a Deserted Island

          In the past week, I have been reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Crusoe was the lone survivor of a shipwreck and is stranded on an island (likely Tobago or one of the Caribbean islands, but I’m not sure about it). If I were in the same predicament, there would be two things I would very much want to survive longer on the Island of Despair (that’s what Crusoe called it).

          First, I would really want a survival multitool like this axe/sword/shovel combo for self-defense and for gathering materials.  I could also use the bottle opener like a climbing claw in little nooks in the tree the opener would fit in to climb the tree like a removable branch to, say, a house in a tall tree, or the saw to cut a sapling instead of wasting axe durability and/or time, and the shovel to possibly complement the pick to dig the cave and/or a shelter, and/or a cathole inside.

          Second, I would want a small pocketknife multitool like this.  I would use this tool for planning and carving the cut saplings, boards, and other wooden objects like maybe a pick for getting more resources or building a cave for shelter or a hoe for tilling the ground.  The pocketknife could also make a weapon like a spear or bow for hunting or cut even smaller plants like a sugarcane or cocoa plant seedpod stem.

          These tools would still be useful on really any camping trip as well as this 6000-lumen headlamp.   Those are the two things I would think would be the most helpful for survival on the Island of Despair.


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