H7 W2 – Two Civilizations

In the past few weeks I have reviewed all seven continents from just before the beginning of the Roman Empire up until about 400 AD.   Two of the civilizations on opposite sides of the world were Egypt and South American civilizations.

Egypt was started very early and has lasted the test of time mostly because of its shelter under the Roman wing for hundreds of years. It has many runes, relics, and treasures from the past.  The country also has the ancient hieroglyphs, one of the very first forms of writing.  Though the Egyptian hieroglyphs  are multisyllable, they are still very similar to the Olmec monosyllabic hieroglyphs.  The Egyptians also developed bricks as one of the first methods of construction.  The same event happened with the Nazca, Olmecs, Chavin, Anasazi, and Teotihuacan – mud bricks. The Anasazi learned how to carve stone as well, but that both sides of the world developed bricks at about the same time is quite interesting.  Egypt did learn about paper first, though, but the Anasazi figured out how to dig a hole large enough to make a cozy house in [the ground] and then how to give the hole a roof.  The Egyptians never really did that despite the similar climates.  And the Olmecs figured out how to carve huge objects accurately before anyone else.  The Egyptians, however, harnessed animal power first to plow larger fields and gather more crop.  Both created agriculture at nearly the same time, and surprisingly noticed the benefits of certain crops at the same time too.

These civilizations’ technological advancements were strangely timed at nearly the same time, and were the same discoveries too.  I wonder if some type of intercontinental trade did exist for a time?  Anyhow, the result is that more than one civilization made the same advancement at the same time and then connection cut off and the Americas were by themselves.


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